Implementing SuccessFactors

Expect an optimal HR system implementation experience from our team of talented and dedicated consultants.

When it comes to our implementation processes at Jigsaw Cloud, we take a unique approach. Customers can expect a cost effective, short-term plan that allows us to execute the process and demonstrate the value of the system in a rapid time frame. At Jigsaw Cloud, we leverage industry best practices and processes, which allow us to make optimum use of our resources. 

A Team That's In Your Shoes

At Jigsaw Cloud, we have a professional and dedicated team of consultants, all with relevant HR background and experience. As end-users ourselves, we know SuccessFactors and the value it can add to your business.
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Why Choose The Best Technology?

Our consultants believe that your employees deserve the best employee experience. Just because you work within a small organisation, does not mean you should be restricted in what you can do and achieve. Our consultants ensure no matter your size, your employees will receive an identical experience to those who operate on a larger scale.
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